Work at Valley Forge
We, as members of Boyd Gaming Corporation, operate with only the highest degree of integrity, and rely on the competence and friendliness of each person in our organization to provide entertainment and service to satisfy our guests’ wants. Through teamwork, we strive to maximize shareholder value to be among the leading companies in our industry and to provide opportunities for all while we support and enhance our communities.

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Our Core Purpose and Values

Success at Boyd Gaming is an ongoing, everyday commitment to our guests, our fellow team members, and our communities. It takes everyone working with a single goal, a single vision, a single VIEW.

In order to support our VIEW, we have four Core Values which are reflected in our service standards for our guests AND our employees: Value Relationships, Integrity, Exceed Expectations and Work Smart. Each one of these values is vital in ensuring the success of making customers and employees feel at home while spending time or working at Valley Forge Casino Resort. We hope that you will become part of our family here at Valley Forge Casino Resort!

Value Relationships: Make an Authentic Connection

  • Create a Welcoming Environment
  • Know Your Guest
  • Bring Them Back
Integrity: Do the Right Thing

  • Take Pride
  • Show Respect and Caring for Everyone
  • Be Honest
Exceed Expectations: Offer the Extraordinary

  • Personalize Guest Experience
  • Go Above and Beyond
  • Promote a Feeling of Fun
Work Smart: Bring Your Best Every Day

  • Know the Answer
  • Own the Experience
  • Work as a Team

Our Benefits

Once you become part of the family, we offer amazing benefits to our employees including the following:

  • Competitive Pay
  • 401(k)
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Free In-House Wardrobe
  • Designated Employee Parking
  • Paid Time Off (Upwards of 18 Days + Years of Service)
  • Open Door Policy
  • All Employee Celebrations
  • Events and Activities throughout the year for both employees and their families
  • Focus on Internal Promotions & Developmental Opportunities
  • Leadership & Professional Development Programs
  • Be Recognized Program

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to join the Valley Forge Casino Resort Family, how do I apply?

We are excited that you are interested in joining our family! Current openings are listed at visit Current openings (opens in a new window) . You can learn more about the experience each position will provide by clicking any of the career titles. After finding the career that’s right for you, apply simply by hitting “Apply” next to the career posting.

How can I stay updated on career opportunities with Valley Forge Casino Resort?

Our recruiting team is always finding new and fun ways to attract talented people! Generally speaking, here are the steps to become a part of the Valley Forge Casino Resort family:

  1. Apply online at Apply online (opens in a new window) .
  2. Our team will meet to review your application. They will email you at their earliest convenience to let you know if you will be moving forward in the process.
  3. Applicants we would like to get to know further will be invited to join us in the interview process. Our interview process includes a series of one on one and panel interviews. These interviews may be conducted in person, over the phone, on Skype, or via FaceTime.
  4. Those selected will be sent an offer letter. Once that offer letter is accepted you will receive new hire paperwork and be invited to our two day orientation.
Your adventure at Valley Forge Casino Resort begins here!

I submitted my application but haven’t heard back. What is the status of my application?

Our team thoroughly reviews every application set on our door step (or submitted online). Applicants we would like to get to know further will be contacted via email or over the phone about moving forward in the process. If you are eager to find out the status of your application feel free to email us using our Contact Us Form and ask!
Still want to learn more about working for Valley Forge? Find information on our departments and teams below.
Casino Operations Department
At Valley Forge Casino Resort, gaming is the heartbeat of casino entertainment. Our team is responsible for that “at home” feeling guests get when they choose to play slots or table games on our casino floor.

We are a group of friendly, experienced gaming professionals, who work well together while performing different aspects of casino operations. Our team is as diverse as the guests we serve.

We are committed to consistently creating an atmosphere in which guests enjoy sharing their gaming experiences with us. We understand the significance of using first names and recognizing each customer as an individual. That personalized interaction is why many choose Valley Forge Casino again and again.

If you are upbeat, friendly and excited about treating people like family, we look forward to meeting you.
Soft Count is a very personal department. We are a close and friendly place to work, especially due to the lack of customer interaction we have. We work together and solve our problems internally. We offer competitive salaries and benefits, plus surprise contests to keep the morale up. It takes a certain person to do our work, that’s why we choose the right people through a screening process. We implore people to better themselves and try to promote people to the right positions. Soft Count is the way to go.
The Casino Credit office offers our guests a secure and free way to obtain funds from their checking account, while gaming at our tables or slots. The Casino Credit office process’s requests for new patrons to establish a credit line and/or established patrons who wish to increase their credit limit. A highly confidential department, we work closely with other casinos, banks and credit bureaus while processing requests. We have a strong focus on responsible gaming, to ensure our guests are being responsible. We make our guests feel welcome and at home.
Food & Beverage Department
The Food & Beverage department is a large department comprising of various areas working together to cater to our guest’s food and beverage needs. From mouth-watering meals to deliciously refreshing cocktails, the food and beverage department works around the clock to ensure our guests receive and feel our warm genuine hospitality. We make everyone feel at home by welcoming them into our dining rooms and kitchens for great service and we are a very proud team of individuals working towards one goal; to treat every guest like family.
Here at Valley Forge Casino Resorts, the Food & Beverage Department takes pride in delivering quality service, excellent food and fantastic beverages throughout our 5 restaurants, from upscale dining in Revolution Chophouse, high energy beverage service at the Casino’s Center Bar, casual dining at Valley Tavern, or fast and casual at the micro-restaurants- Italian Market, American Grill or Asian Noodle. Working in food and beverage requires a passionate attitude to take wonderful care of our guests, work as a team, learn a few things along the way, and have some fun while we’re at it! We treat everyone like family and look forward to developing new people who aspire to be a part of our department.
The Culinary team receives food and check for quality and freshness. Supervise and coordinate activities of cooks and other staff with their preparations. We work as one team to develop recipes and menu planning. Use a variety of kitchen equipment such as grills ovens slicers large kettles and fryers. We prepare meals and develop a creative presentation that makes everyone feel at home. We maintain proper levels of food and supplies, monitor and practice sanitation and safety standards. We pride ourselves in teamwork and a family like atmosphere.
Hotel Operations Department
Often, our Front Office team is the first impression our guests get of our property, welcoming our guests like family. Our Bellman own the guest experience with a friendly smile and a genuine “Welcome”; assisting our guests with any luggage, directional, or transportation needs that may occur. Our Front Desk Agents set the pace for a positive guest experience by confirming guest room preferences, providing excellent and efficient guest service skills, informing our guests of any information pertinent to their stay, and answering any and all questions. Even our Gift Shop Attendants strive to go above and beyond for our guests, many times taking requests to add certain items to our inventory, and providing access to the Casino. The Front Office team really exemplifies teamwork by working together to develop themselves and each other to make our guests feel at home.
The Communications Center is a main part of our Information & Reservations functionality. The Call Center Agent is responsible for providing property wide information to the VFCR guest market via direct phone communication, incoming telephone calls and e-mail. The team works on a daily basis TREATING OUR GUESTS LIKE FAMILY AND WORKING AS ONE TEAM with every property department to ensure accurate and timely information is shared for ultimate guest service. We look for unique individuals with the talent to deliver exceptional and distinctive service to our guests, OWNING each guest instance encountered. Candidates should be guest focused and sales minded, continually DEVELOPING OTHERS AND THEMSELVES as they are responsible for driving revenue for the VFCR destination. This position requires a high level of communication skills, both written and verbal and the ability to adapt & process information that can change quickly.
Our Housekeeping team creates a clean, welcoming atmosphere for our guests to feel at home. We work as one team with Engineering, EVS, and Front Desk to maintain guest room conditions, as well as communicating the status of the rooms. Our Housemen pull double duty; supporting both our guests as well as our room attendants, also owning the condition and cleanliness of guest areas such as hallways. In Laundry, the Attendants work as one team to separate, wash, dry, press, and fold the linen and terry needed to turn the guest rooms over. Our Room Attendants truly treat our guests like family by ensuring a guest room is clean and ready for a guest to enjoy during their stay with us. The best part about being part of the housekeeping team is that we teach each other about each other’s tasks, learning about every aspect in the department.
The team that owns the task of maintaining our property in tip top shape is our EVS Department. We strive to make our guests feel at home by monitoring our property in constant loops, ensuring our public areas are neat, clean, and in proper working order at all times. Many times we are the first to discover a concerning situation, and we must quickly and efficiently communicate any necessary information, or work as a team to find a solution. EVS attendants come to know the property so well from walking around so often, we are known to teach other team members the lay of the land and showing our guests to their destination like they are part of our family.
Our Valet team treats our guests like family right from our guests’ car door! We own the responsibility of quickly and safely parking and retrieving guest’s vehicles and providing directions to the casino, hotel meeting/event space, or restaurant outlets. We find our Valet Attendants usually running to cars pulling up to the entrances to open the door for them and to be the first to welcome our guest with a huge smile. We even work as one team to assist our guests with luggage and bell carts straight from their car. Our knowledge about our property allows us to develop each other and ourselves.
Marketing Department
It is the primary responsibility of the VFCR Marketing Operations Representatives to provide excellent customer service to all guests treating them LIKE FAMILY. The Marketing Representative consistently interacts with all guests, specifically guests at the Valley Services Desk. We OWN new customer acquisition by encouraging enrollment in the Casino membership program and providing guests Casino access. The team works on a daily basis as ONE TEAM with every department to ensure accurate information is shared for ultimate guest service. This position requires a high level of communication skills, both written and verbal forms as well as the ability to adapt and process information that can change quickly. We continually strive to DEVELOP OURSELVES AND OTHERS for the benefit of our guests, the company and ourselves. All duties are performed in accordance with departmental, VFCR and PGCB policies, practices and procedures.
The Special Events & Promotions department is responsible for the effective planning, management, tracking and reporting of marketing events & promotions and works as one team by providing additional support to the overall property. Our goal is to provide experiences to indulge and entertain our internal and external guests. The experiences we create make our employees and guests of the property feel like they are our family and that they are at home. The team creates and maintains a marketing calendar to ensure continued revenue objectives are achieved while upholding the core values for both guests and employees of Valley Forge Casino Resort. An important focus is the overall event communication internally for all relevant departments and externally with advertising and database marketing coordination. All Special Event & Promotions department activities occur while staying compliant with all regulatory controls and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board
As the originators of the brand architecture and culture look, the Creative Team is responsible for creating and placing eye-catching content to market Valley Forge Casino Resort. We are a key department in emphasizing brand awareness, communication, and wellness within our internal community. As a part of the Valley Forge family, our main goals are to work as one team with our internal counterparts to generate new business, develop VFCR’s brand awareness throughout the market using traditional and digital media, and to continue the conversation with our guests after they leave. We approach each project by owning it with positivity and a little bit of humor, while keeping our core value of “treating our guests like family” forefront.
Sales & Banquets Department
The Resort Sales Team is responsible for bringing guests to the resort. We do this by developing partnerships with meeting and event planners and helping them create new and exciting ways to engage their attendees and make them feel at home. We oversee the booking and reservation of hotel rooms and event space within the resort, collaborating with other resort staff to ensure our guests feel welcome and have a successful stay/event. Our team assists with every step of the planning process, coordinating and organizing the details of an event such as catering, lodging, entertainment options and logistics. We are event architects, wedding specialists and conference coordinators who love details and enjoy using our expertise to help guide your guests’ experience.
Our Banquet department always works as a team to make everyone feel at home and welcomed here at our property and we know that, to offer our guests the best, we need to offer our employee’s the best that is why you’ll find exceptional service. Our team is guided by values of respect Integrity, Teamwork and empowerment. Here at the Valley Forge casino resort we offer a spectacular collection of flexible and unique event spaces, from elegant ballrooms and sophisticated board rooms. We treat everyone like family and welcome them with open arms.
Our event center staff literally sets the stage for a great guest experience! We meet with our client to create a plan that will set up their event for success and make their guests feel at home. Then, we own the responsibility of efficiently and safely setting up the chairs, tables, dance floors, booths, and stages as one team. We develop ourselves to support the event with trash removal, water refills, and any last minute needs that come up, and then we break down and clean up.
Security & Surveillance Department
The Security team is committed to making our guests feel at home by creating a fun, professional and customer friendly environment. All members of the Security Department work as one team to provide a safe and friendly environment for both the employees and guests, while continuing to focus on the protection of the company’s property and assets.
For decades in the gaming industry, there has been a cloak draped over surveillance departments and the people working as observers. At Valley Forge Casino Resort the culture within and surrounding the Surveillance Department has been strategically designed to remove the cloak through a focus on service and treating others like family. We believe that protection of everyone and everything in a Gaming Resort can be achieved through a vision of providing value at every opportunity with a unique blend of personalized service and technical excellence. Our vision is to work as one team with the whole property to provide tailored support in every area and on-going development to develop our selves, each other and our business with uncompromised integrity. We are comprised of a diverse novel team of personalities owning a constant forward-focused path.
Additional Departments
Regulatory Compliance’s purpose is to uphold the rules and regulations as deemed by State Laws Federal Laws and Internal Policies. Compliance promotes and encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the laws and policies. When conducting transactions and while interacting with fellow-team members, customers, and vendors, team members have a duty to conduct these interactions and transactions in accordance with the Company’s ethical standards and all applicable laws and regulations. The business supports these laws, polices and ethical behavior to minimize regulatory enforcement action. Compliance plays an active role working with the company to align these rules, regulations and policies to the business.
Valley Forge Casino Resort Engineering Department is no stranger to providing excellence in Guest Service, Building Oversite in Maintenance, and a pioneer in using clean and efficient technology to set new sustainable standards for the hospitality industry. The Engineering department provides it’s team members in-depth operational experience in the latest technology required to operate large diverse Facilities. The accolades of sustainable achievements and property asset maintenance procedures in the Engineering Department are not easy. These achievements are the result of a strong diverse team, that works like a well-oiled machine. The Engineering Department takes pride in offering its members a strong family based culture, opportunities in growth and development, and recognized leaders in the industry while committed to providing genuine and passionate heart felt service to our guest and fellow team members.
The Finance Division at Valley Forge is involved with all aspects of the property and treats everyone like family by providing information and guidance to all departments. The major functions and responsibilities of the division are to ensure accurate books and records of the company, ensure timely and accurate financial reporting, ensure adequate controls over company assets and compliance to those controls, financial planning and analysis, and treasury management. The finance Division works as one team with all departments and is a major support function for the operation.
The IT department’s focus is to ensure the technology we utilize integrates seamlessly with business processes and procedures. We are responsible for the entire life cycle, from design to daily support. We support over 600 critical devices as well as client workstations in diverse property which encompasses multiple hotels, meeting spaces, night life establishments, a convention center, as well as a casino. To meet these demands in a dynamic landscape, our department is constantly embracing and implementing new methodologies and ideas. We focus on developing our staff and ourselves to meet the needs of the business. The organization values the role we serve as the liaison between technology, the business, and our employees – which ultimately enables us to create a great experience for our guests.
People & Culture exists to promote a positive and healthy environment for our employees to grow and develop. We work with the whole company to align every decision with the core purpose. We play an active role in finding the right people who fit our culture and work with other departments to help promote positive working relationships. Our People & Compensation Practices Team ensures competitive and realistic wages based on labor market statistics, employment trends, and salary analysis. We inspire you to exceed your own expectations through encouragement and support. We have fun and enjoy interacting and engaging with our employees. We are passionate in everything we do.